In 1977 Berendsohn A.G. from Hamburg Germany, a leading creator and manufacturer of promotional items, incorporated in Canada, bringing their winning concept to North America.

In 1992, after 16 years in management positions with Berendsohn, Siggi Haas purchased the Canadian arm of Berendsohn and in cooperating The German Advertising Advantage Inc. in Langley, British Columbia, thereby taking advantage of a growing Pacific Rim economy.

Since its inception, the company has expanded, adding capabilities for producing art and film, plus printing, embossing, etching and 2 laser-engraving systems.

Today, after over 28 years, The German Advertising Advantage Inc. is still providing the personal service of visiting clients with actual samples.

In addition to the Langley, BC headquarters, offices we are established in Calgary, Toronto and Koblenz, Germany.






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