Our graphics department is equipped with the latest hardware and software to handle the high-tech programs. Also, with our graphic artists' outstanding skills and knowledge, we are able to handle the most challenging artwork requests.

Pad Printing:
This technique utilizes a hi-tech printing process to print on uneven or textured surfaces. It is speedy and precise - even multi color imprints in high quantities are a snap.

Screen Printing:
This process makes artistic prints on textiles and a variety of other materials possible. High ink deposits produce long lasting, brilliant prints.


Laser Engraving:
Our state of the art equipment creates a laser beam powerful enough to cut through metal - yet precise enough to burn toner off a piece of paper without even touching the paper. We also have a CO2 laser that can engrave wood and glass products. These are two of the few Nd:YAG laser and CO2 laser engravers in the industry in Western Canada and Washington State today.

CO2 Laser

YAG Laser 


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